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Charles-François DAUBIGNY
A recognized Artist



In 1846, their second child Charles-Pierre was born. He was nicknamed Karl, to avoid confusion with his father. 
In 1848 , Charles-François won a second-class medal for one of his paintings exhibited at the Salon. The first class medals went to Corot and Delacroix. 
Then he received his first order from the government: an etching. A few years later, in 1852, as he attracted more and more attention at the Salon, the government bought two of his paintings. One of them, "The Harvest" is now at the Orsay Museum, in Paris. 
Charles-François Daubigny then met Corot by chance. He knew him only through his work. The connection between the two was immediate, although Corot was 20 years older. 
In 1853 Charles-François and Marie-Sophie had their third child, Bernard. 
With his several awards and medals Charles-Francois saw his work becoming more and more appreciated. But it was also challenged by some critics who found the paintings to be merely “rough drafts”.
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