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Charles-François DAUBIGNY
The Studio Boat



In 1857, in order to be even closer to his subject and to the water he loved to represent, Daubigny bought a boat, which once served as a ferry : the “Botin”. He had a cabin installed, to provide shelter in case of bad weather, and if necessary to sleep. This became his Studio Boat *.  

Every summer, he went to Auvers-sur-Oise, a peaceful village close to Valmondois, where he had spent part of his childhood. The Vaux Island became his main homeport. With the “Botin” he sailed on the rivers and even went up to Honfleur. Karl, the “ship’s boy” would accompany him. Then, after several stays on the “Côte Fleurie” in Normandy, he decided to return to Auvers-sur-Oise to settle.  

His fame increased and Napoléon III purchased his "The Pond at Gylieu" , a canvas considered to be a genuine masterpiece. This was in 1860.
*several years later, in 1873, Monet borrowed this idea from Daubigny and had a Boat fitted out for painting.
The Botin.
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