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Charles-François DAUBIGNY
The new art defender, and the faithful friend



As early as 1866, Charles-François Daubigny supported, along with his friend Corot, avant-garde artists, like Cézanne and Renoir. However he was not able to obtain their admission to the Salon. During this year, he travelled to London where he exhibited two paintings at the “Royal Academy”. 

In 1868, Charles-François Daubigny managed to impose Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, Sisley and Berthe Morisot, angering the Commissioner for the Fine Arts. Monet and Sisley being refused for the 1869 and 1870 Salons, Daubigny, followed by his friend Corot, resigns from the board.

During the war of 1870 , Daubigny went to England. News was bad; the French artists who had taken refuge in London were in situations of hardship. By chance, Daubigny happened to meet Monet and helped him out.

Soon Pissarro found relief as well. Durand Ruel, the art dealer, managed to sell a few of his canvases. At the end of the 1870 war, Daubigny’s family returned to France staying at different locations before going back to Paris.

The Salon, which had stopped during the War, resumed and Daubigny exhibited two canvases and sold them. After a trip in Netherlands, in 1871, he warmly welcomed Monet and Pissarro to his home, in Auvers-sur-Oise, as well as other talented people, like Cézanne who arrived in Auvers in 1872.

"Thanks to Daubigny and Durand Ruel several friends and I did not starve to death, on the London streets, in 1870: these are things we can’t forget."
     Claude MONET, in a letter to Moreau Nélaton, 1924.

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