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La Maison-Atelier de Daubigny

Classified "Monument Historique"
La Maison-Atelier de Daubigny
First artistic site in Auvers, created in 1860 by C.F Daubigny, La Maison-Atelier de Daubigny  welcomes you.
In the house you will discover several paintings by Daubigny, Corot, Daumier, Oudinot ...

They cover almost 200 sq. meters of the walls, and the ensemble, still in very good condition, was very slightly restored by Daubigny's descendants during the meticulous site restoration, from 1983 to 1990.

Daubigny's Studio House and its garden were classified as Historical Monuments in 1993 and obtained the prestigious "House of famous" label  in 2014, delivered by the French Ministry of Culture.
Monument Historique
Label Maison des Illustres
Maison vue de la rue Daubigny
Come and visit the most genuine site in Auvers-sur-Oise.
Charles François DAUBIGNY
Portrait de Charles François Daubigny
Charles-François Daubigny was born February 15, 1817 in Paris. 

His father, Edme-François was a painter and decorator and also enjoyed composing the occasional landscape. His uncle Pierre, Edme-François’ brother, was also an artist: draftsman, painter and miniaturist. His aunt Amélie, Pierre’s wife, was also a miniaturist. The three of them were well known for their talent and had access to exhibitions. 

The Daubigny’s were all skilled, talented and brave and though this period was lean, good spirits reigned. This family circle forged the character of little Charles-François , who, from his youngest age was in poor health. He was placed in a foster family in Valmondois, in the countryside, where he stayed until the age of 9 and it was there that he learned to love nature. 

The House
L'entrée de la Maison
In 1860, Daubigny acquired land in Auvers-sur-Oise 

He requested that the painter architect Oudinot, his friend, design his Studio House. Originally the house was planned to have two floors. Rooms to be lived in were fitted out on three sides of the studio. The latter will be opened to the outside thanks to a large plate-glass window. 

He told his friend painter Henriet: " I bought a piece of land of 30 perches in Auvers, all covered in beans and on which I shall plant some legs of lamb if you come to see me, on which we are building a 8 x 6 meter studio, with some rooms all around. I hope to be able to use it by next Spring. Father Corot found Auvers very beautiful and suggested that I stay there part of the year  " ...

The Boat-Studio
L'entrée de la Maison
IThe Botin has been imaginated and created by Charles François Daubigny from an existing boat. His goal was to be able to paint closer to the nature.

in 1857, he is the first painter to navigate with a boat-studio, in order to better capture the Nature.

NEWS: ongoing and coming events
JAPAN exposes DAUBIGNY Traveling exhibition in 5 museums
October 20th 2018 - November 3rd 2019
October 20th 2018 - November 3rd 2019:

En 2018 et 2019, cinq musées Japonais accueilleront une exposition entièrement dédiée à Charles-François Daubigny, et présenteront une centaine d’œuvres. 

Over: Maison-Atelier de Daubigny, sponsor for the game-contest "Patrimoines en Poésie"
September 15th - October 16th '18
Kick-off Saturday September 17th
Contest dedicated to children, from 8 to 12

Kit available at the House-Studio
Over: The Botin at the Louvre!
October 18th 2017 to January 29th 2018
Le Botin, dans le jardin
October 18th 2017 to January 29th 2018

visit the "Drawing in the Open Air  
Variations in Drawing from Nature in the First Half of the 19th Century"
 wonderful exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris and see the first Botin of Charles François Daubigny built by his descendant, Daniel Raskin-Daubigny (1926-2008), lended by his family.
 Opening hours: 2019
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