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Litographs from DAUMIER
From June 5th to October 31st 2021
Till October 31st 2021

 In the context of this year’s regional elections in France, La Maison-Atelier DAUBIGNY is pleased to exhibit a series of lithographs by Daumier, a great friend of Charles François DAUBIGNY.

These works, on the theme of the elections, illustrate through the attentive and critical gaze of Daumier, the typical mood were politics are frigthen by the idea of not beeing reelected, and where people are, for some of them, not sure to understand everything.

They also highlight the dissolution, the universal suffrage, and Napoleon III putting in place referendums to get the approval from the people.
This exhibition is made possible thanks to Francis Van Overbecque. 
Click on the below image to download the flyer (French only)
Exhibition's caltalog (60 pages) exclusively available at the Daubigny's Studio-House. 6 Euros.

Contains 44 exhibited  lighographs as well as the text description in both French and English. It also contains an history of the different elections modes in France from 1791 to nowadays.

Both English and French inside.

Works exhibition from artists from Arc-En-Terre
July - August  2021
During the two days of Meet in th Gardens international event, and later on for the Open Gardens event, come and visit Daubigny's Garden and discover works from three artists belonging to the Arc En Terre association.

Should you like to acquire one of these works, just ask for information at the welcome desk.

There is no commision taken from la Maison-Atelier Daubigny, the full price is going to the artist.

Association coordinates:
   Arc en Terre 
   Association plasticienne bocagère 
   03 44 82 61 50 
   03 44 82 55 52 

 Next exhibition in Grisy les Plâtres  on 11th  and 12th September 2021 

Artists' web sites:

Over - Big game-contest "Patrimoines en Poésie" 2020
September 19th - December 15th 2020
Game-contest dedicated to childred from 8 to 12

Kick-off  Saturday September 19th

Come visit the Painter Charles François Daubigny's Studio-House and get inspiration from its decoration to build your poem !
Many rooms can be source of inspiration for you to create a wonderful poem

Game-contest "Patrimoines en poésie" from September 19th to December 15th 2020 at midnght, organized by the Île-de-France region and the Drac Île-de-France.

Contest Kit soon available at the Studio-House
Dowload documents from the official web site
Bulletin d'inscription cadre familial
French Only
7 astuces pour écrire ton poème
French Only
Règlement du jeu-concours
French Only
Over: 4th Edition of Open Gardens
Saturday and Sunday July 4th and 5th 2020
Crédit: Façon de penser
Saturday and Sunday July 4th and 5th 2020 

for the third edition of "Open Gardens"  come and visit  Daubigny's Studio Garden :
- in the morning, from 10:30AM to 12:30 PM
- in the afternoon, from 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM 

Garden's access is exceptionnaly free those two days.
Daubigny's Home-Studio access is at 6€ per person.